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Eric Whitacre poster 2019.jpg
In peformance with Mari Tanaka.jpg
Eric Whitacre conducting .jpg
Rehearsal at Carnegie Hall 2019.jpg
Eric Whitacre bows.jpg
All of the above are from the Eric Whitacre holiday concert,
Carnegie Hall, New York City November 24, 2019
Cutting Room June 2019.jpg
Cutting Room June 2019 #1.jpg
Cutting Room June 2019 #9.jpg
Left to right:
Bill Scheft: Leader, Drums, Vocals
Roger Lipson: Bass, Flute, Sitar, Lead Vocals
Steve Goodman: Keyboard, Lead Vocals
Gabriel Fabella: Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals
John Merjave: Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals
Cutting Room June 2019 #4.jpg
Truants with Paul Schaeffer 1.jpg
Paul Shaffer "sitting in" for a couple of 60s rave-ups. He joined us again January 2020 at Daryl's House 
Truants Cutting Room 11.jpg
The Truants at The Cutting Room in 2019. All photos by Richard Frant
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